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Events / Événements2022-03-14T11:26:51+00:00

Croatia and Slovenia / Croatie et Slovénie Masterclass

English Masterclass: Saturday 29th October 2022 Time: 12h - 15h30 Venue: La Maison du Rire 11220 Coustouge Price: 70€ pp Following on from Northern Italy in September, in October we will be travelling to the lesser known countries of Slovenia and Croatia. Whilst they might be lesser known then their Italien neighbours, these wines certainly hold their own in diversity and [...]

Wines of Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe / Les vins d’Allemagne, Autriche et Europe de l’Est

English Masterclass Date: April 23rd 2022 / Date de la masterclass française: Le 24 avril 2022 Germany and Eastern Europe Masterclass Date - Saturday 23rd April 2022 Time - 12h - 15h30 Venue - La Maison du Rire, 21 Route de Durban, 11220 Coustouge Price - 65€ pp For this session we will be discovering the exciting [...]


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